Have your journeys ever had a surprise ending?

Last summer, we went on an adventure.  We were staying in Guernsey, and on the map we read that there was a stunning, quiet beach nearby.  We set off, full of excitement, ready for our trip.

We had to make a detour to replace broken sunglasses, and then we were off!  We walked, and we walked, and we walked.  Then we turned back and went on the RIGHT path.  (Sorry, everyone…)

Taking a detour

Eventually we reached the sign to our beach.  Yes, as it had said on the map, there were a LOT of steps down.  Well over three hundred.  But that was fine – we would follow them down to the promised treasure.Rolling waves into a beach of pebbles.  Waiting for the promised treasure

As we got further down the steps, what we saw was a disappointment.  The beach was indeed quiet, but it was full of boulders with a pebbled shore.  No sand to be seen.  Okay, we made the best of it, and ate our picnic.  The youngest member of our party then announced that a toilet trip was in order, and not one that could be performed behind a rock.  Wonderful.

I nearly packed up all of our things to begin the march back up, but my (more reasonable that day) husband said he would take our little boy up while I stayed on the beach with our daughter.

Let’s just go home

I am so glad he did!  As the tide went out, we were left with the most beautiful sandy beach I have ever seen.  By the time their wobbly legs got back, we had put up the beach tent and were ready for paddling and sand castle-building.

I wonder how we would have felt to have left at the earlier point?  Would we have been cross with the map-makers, and continued in our grumpiness that we had walked for miles, only to be met with disappointment?  Should we have trusted that there was truth in what we read, and waited to reach the goal?

I think that the lesson for me is that sometimes the path isn’t clear.  We think we know where we are Dad swinging children around by the sea.  Waiting for the promised treasuregoing and what we are going to do, but it doesn’t always work out like that.  We may feel disappointed that our careful planning has gone to waste, and that we have ended up somewhere that we don’t want to be.  However, the prize may come later, and we may experience greater happiness as a result.  We just need to hang on in there and believe that it will all work out for the best.

Believing it will work out for the best

We tried to visit the beach again this summer.  Alas, the tides were against us and there was still no sand to be seen (from the top!) on the last morning.  Perhaps it is a good thing that we didn’t make it down – it might not have lived up to our memories of the previous visit.  Finding it much more easily may have taken some of the pleasure of the end result away.

Have you ever had to hang on in, and found that the ending was better than expected?

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