Do you like sharing, or do you prefer to keep things to yourself?

A few weeks ago, we hosted a birthday party for my friend’s little boy.  I have blogged before about moving house, and we now we live right next to the woods.  We have a decent-sized garden, and the children played here before going on a Gruffalo hunt in the woods.  They finished with a picnic back in our garden.

Surprise that I’d shared

Some of the other parents seemed to think that it was exceptional for us to have shared our Woman looking at trees. Are you too scared to share?garden for another child’s party.  This surprised me.  Why wouldn’t I share?  We are lucky that we can live near the woods, so why not help someone else out who lives much further away?  It didn’t feel exceptional to me.

However, it did get me thinking about things I wouldn’t share.  When my daughter was a toddler, we were living in a holiday cottage for a few weeks.  It was open-plan, and I remember standing behind a pillar in the kitchen so she wouldn’t see me eating things like cake and chocolate.  I told myself that it was better for her not to eat them at that age, but if I’m honest, it was because I wanted to keep them for myself.

Harder to share chocolate…

I still find it hard to share things like that.  I can share my time and physical resources, but when it comes to things that I see as being a treat, it is much more difficult.  I had a big birthday this year, and was given some amazing chocolates.  My husband knew that he had better only have the coffee-flavoured and white chocolate ones.

I wonder what it is that makes us scared to share?  Are we concerned that others will get something better than what we have?  Or are we worried that we will miss out, such as having fewer chocolates to eat?Slices of nutty chocolate tied in a piece of red and white string. Are you too scared to share?

I feel that my life is enriched by sharing with others.  I am happy to lend out my possessions, even if sometimes they don’t come back the way they left.  It is better for the environment if we can pool our resources, rather than lots of people buying the same things when we don’t need to use them all of the time.

Sharing my time

I am happy to give people my time.  I know that offloading to someone else can make a real difference to someone’s day.  When we are feeling low or stressed, talking to someone about it can help us process our fears and move forward.

I’ve found that giving my time is a tricky one.  I know my family sometimes feel that I share too much time with others and there is not enough left for them.

So, perhaps I need to be a little careful.  Possessions don’t really matter in the long run.  If they are really needed, they can be replaced.  But time – time with family is important.  If I give too much away to others, my family suffers.  I need to remember to keep a careful eye on the needs of my family so that they don’t feel neglected.

What do you like to share?

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