I have a friend who is always late.  We can all be leaving a place at the same time, and she will arrive at our destination an hour after everyone else.  There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason for it.  Perhaps she’s just unlucky.  I have to admit to having the odd chuckle about it, but it doesn’t make me love her any less.

I’m “one of those people”.  In certain situations, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.  I’ve been having a bit of trouble with a wisdom tooth.  My dentist said it needed to come out, so I dutifully attended an appointment in the clinic at the hospital to have my remaining two wisdom teeth extracted.  After last time, it couldn’t be any worse.

Couldn’t be any worse

I had the first two out years ago, when my little boy was a baby.  I’d heard horror stories about it, so I Man with huge classes holding up a pair of toy false teeth.  Born unlucky?decided to go under general anaesthetic.  I knew I had to keep it really afterwards clean to avoid infection, but I may have overdone it somewhat.  Fast forward a few days and had a dry socket – where the blood clot falls out and the nerve is exposed.  I also looked like I’d been in a fist fight and come off worse.  I can’t explain the pain – it was pretty excruciating.

So, this time, I knew not to brush so vigorously after the extraction.  I also knew I wouldn’t be suffering the after-effects of a general anaesthetic, so surely it couldn’t be as bad as last time.

Well, it wasn’t any worse, and the pain was not so bad.  They did, however, nick an artery and I had to return to the hospital for more stitches.  The amount of blood leaving my mouth on the car journey entertained my children.  (I am hoping they don’t remember this when it is their turn to have a tooth out!)  I had a haematoma and bruising from my cheek bone down to below my collar bone.


Am I just unlucky?  How could it possibly be bad twice, when other friends have reported that they went back to work the same day, with little after-effects?  Why does this sort of thing happen to me?  Are some people born unlucky?

It’s funny – since the op I have had conversations with all sorts of people that I would normally just smile at.  People have asked me a) did I fall off my bike; b) have I been in some sort of domestic argument, or c) was it teeth out?  It’s certainly been a conversation-starter!  I have to admit to having moments of feeling sorry for myself (especially when it’s not yet time for the next round of painkillers), but it’s not all bad.  They are all out now – I won’t need this sort of surgery again.  And I have made some new friends…

I don’t believe it is all about luck – it is how we respond to situations.  Fair enough, there will be times that our circumstances seem so bleak we don’t know how to improve them.  But for smaller issues, trying to look for the bright side can make a difference to how we feel about the world.  Trying not to dwell on what has happened can help us to get over it more quickly.

Feeling blessed

And I am not always unlucky.  I seem to have more good luck than others, too.  I am quite often Lady holding up a beer cap that says "I'm a winner".  Born unlucky?successful in competitions where the winner is decided by chance.  I am so lucky in that respect that I even won my youth group’s treasure map competition, one that I had helped to create and run.  I wasn’t allowed to keep the prize (how would it look??) but my Dad did buy me a box of chocolate on the way home from the church fair to make up for it.

I am also lucky in so many other ways.  I have a home, a wonderful husband, and two (mainly) lovely children.  I can cope with a bit of bad luck if I get to keep the things that really matter to me.

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  1. I don’t think I am unlucky. I have times when I feel that way but I think it is just easier for some people to remember all the unlucky things that have happened and forget the other times when things were smooth.
    As with driving perhaps your friend is to anxious about the traffic and so misses lights or takes her time. So it may not be down to being unlucky but rather driving style!

    1. I think you are right, Fred – it is easy to dwell on the unlucky things and forget the good ones. I am trying to keep a “memory jar” this year to remind me of the good things when times are hard. Of course, I am better at doing it sometimes than others! Thank you for your comment.

  2. Having had problems with my wisdom teeth and having to have them out I can fully sympathise with your feelings. I was a bit silly with one of mine because, for whatever reason, I didn’t follow the proper advice about eating enough before I attended the hospital and because I hadn’t done so, most likely, I was really faint afterwards and had to be kept lying down in a room before I was well enough to drive home. I felt a bit of an idiot afterwards. I guess it is easier to remember the times when you have just been unlucky and the things that go well, or pass without incident, get forgotten.

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