Can you remember one of your greatest desires from your teenage years?  What do you think would have happened if it had come true?Jason Donovan performing at the York Barbican.  Too many broken hearts, or china in your hand?

I saw Jason Donovan in concert on Sunday night.  He was my first real crush.  My bedroom walls were plastered with his posters, and I used to tape the charts every week so that I could listen to him again and again.  Our local radio station ran a competition to win VIP tickets to one of his gigs.  I listened in to make sure I could enter, but of course I didn’t win.

I wonder what would have happened if I HAD won that competition?  If I had met Jason Donovan?  What would he have made of my 13-year-old self?  Did I think he was going to fall instantly in love with me, and take me back to the set of Neighbours as his new girlfriend?  Somehow, I doubt it!

Shattered dreams

I think my illusion would have been shattered pretty quickly.  It may have been exciting to have had half an hour in the company of the star I was obsessed by, but that would have been it.  I might noChina cup and saucer, filled with tea.  Too many broken hearts, or china in your hand?t even have plucked up the courage to talk to him.

Do you remember the song China in your Hand?  I feel the lyrics are quite poignant.  We might wish for things, not being able to see into the future as to how they would turn out.  There may be things that we would wish for that would be disastrous for us if they came true.  We may wish for a bigger house, not realising that the mortgage repayments might cripple us.  We might be devastated at not being promoted at work, but if we had been, the pressure might have been too much.

Beware – your wish may come true!

It could be simpler than that.  We might wish to have caught a bus, having only just missed it.  But what would have happened, had we caught that bus?  Might we have missed out on catching up with someone we knew, or could we have been on the bus with someone we’d rather not have caught up with?

Having dreams and wishes are important as we don’t move forward without them.  I think we need to be realistic about how things could turn out as we don’t know what the future holds.  Having a sense of trust that everything happens for a reason can be helpful to some people.  We don’t know why things that we have no control over have happened a certain way, but feeling that there must be a greater reason works for some of us.

Carry on dreaming

Back to Jason Donovan.  Was it the concert of my dreams?  Well, I have a few years under my (increasingly-sized) belt since I first wanted to see him.  Yes, it was a good gig.  Yes, (little squeal) he did hold my hand briefly at the end.  Was it exciting?  Yes.  Is it going to change my life?  No.  I’m happy with my life just the way it is.

Have you had the experience of missing out on something, only to find that what you ended up with was better than expected?

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