When you were younger, what did you say you would never do?  And have you kept your word?

  1. Be out of touch with fashion

I remember being about 14 and needing a new school bag.  We didn’t have much spare money when I was growing up, and so my Mum buying me one was a big thing.  She was so pleased to be able to provide something I needed, but I still remember with shame that I never used it.  I would have been laughed out of school.

  1. Feel tiddly after one glass of wine6 things I said I wouldn't do

I’m not quite as bad as that, but I’m not far off.  Long gone are those days when I could drink half a bottle of Martini Extra Dry and it wouldn’t touch the sides.  I only hope my children are more discreet than I was about telling people on holiday that “Mummy is drunk”.

  1. Say today’s music is rubbish

I swore that I would keep up with the music of the current generation.  I would not embarrass my children by them not knowing any of the songs that were in today’s charts.  And yet I find it impossible to tune into Radio 1.  I even find myself describing it as “noise”.

We have bought them a couple of “Now” CDs, and listen to them (under duress) in the car.  If I’m on my own, it is Radio 2 or (I can’t believe I am saying it) Radio 4.  One thing I will NEVER do is listen to the cricket.  Sorry, Dad.

  1. Go to a garden centre by choice6 things I said I wouldn't do

When we first got married, Chris and I swore we would never go to a garden centre.  It felt like this was something “old” people do.  However, being proud owners of a house with a garden, we haven’t been able to stick to this.  And when we go, we don’t actually hate it.

  1. Dance in public

Well, I seem to have lost all inhibitions in that area…

When we are young, we feel like we know it all.  The generations above us don’t have a clue about how it is to live in the current society.  They can only comment on the olden days, and it just isn’t relevant to how things are now.

Of course, times really have moved on.  Technology has changed so rapidly that my childhood is almost unrecognisable from that of my children’s.  And yet there are so many parallels.  We want to test boundaries; we want to make choices for ourselves.  So did our parents, our grandparents – pretty much everyone who has experienced life has also experienced much of what we are going through.

I am not ready prefer not to think of myself as “old”, but I hope I am now a little wiser than my arrogant younger self.  I can now see the logic in some things that I dismissed as ridiculous. I feel that I have more appreciation of the wisdom of those who have more laughter lines than I currently do.  However:

  1. Wear a plastic rain hat6 things I said I wouldn't do

Now, I agree that they are useful, but I can’t bring myself to accept that I will ever wear one.  I have made my children promise to remind me of this if I ever get to the stage of thinking that they are okay.  Of course, my children will have aged too, and may be thinking that the things they found disgraceful as youngsters are now good choices.  Well, we shall see…

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