Are you an autumn person?  Or do you feel a sense of loss as the season changes?

I met up with some friends one evening mid-August, and they were commenting on how the weather Leaves changing from green to red.  So long to the summerfelt autumnal.  No, I cried!  We cannot be in autumn yet!  It is still mid-summer.

When I got back home, I noticed that there were a few leaves on our tree that had started turning brown.  In August?  Really?

I do love the autumn colours.  I love the scent in the air, and the freshness of the mornings.  It’s been very humid for the last few days, and part of me yearns for the cool breeze to be back.  However, I feel a sense of loss for the summer.

Where has the summer gone?

I know I am not alone.  Teacher-friends of mine feel it deeply.  They work towards that long summer break to recharge their batteries before the onslaught of new students and work-filled days.  I am no longer a teacher, but my work follows the academic year, so I wonder if it is partly that?  Or is the teacher in me so ingrained that I can’t escape this sensation?

I think that my children going back to school enhances this feeling.  There may have been challenges over the holidays, but I have loved having thePier in the sunset.  So long to the summerm at home and sharing more of their lives.  It feels a little like we are back to the treadmill of making sure everyone is ready to leave each morning, and coaxing them through the after-school period to being in bed at a reasonable time.  I have enjoyed the freedom of lazy mornings and a more relaxed bed time.

The promise of spring

One season that I love is spring.  I love the promise of new life, the feeling that summer is just around the corner.  Why can’t I look forward to autumn and winter with that passion?

Autumn can be filled with excitement.  My children have gone back to school full of anticipation: new teachers, old friends, catching up where they left off last year.  It may be a few (cough) years ago that I started university, but for me the feeling of autumn reminds me of those uncertain days of exploring a new city and starting my life away from the family home.

Rather than indulging in my feelings of loss, I need to find a new path.  I can accept that I feel this unwanted sadness, but rather than allowing it to enfold me, I can embrace the beauty there is to be found in the change of season.

Embracing the changes

Having children could make it easy for me in some ways.  We can look for falling leaves, and So long to the summertry to find them in as many colours as we can.  We can make a collage, or laminate them to decorate the house and bring the beauty of the outside in.

We can make the most of the decreasing daylight hours by being outside after school and kicking leaves about in the woods.  And when the weather doesn’t work for this, we can snuggle up together under a blanket and read stories.

And perhaps we can plan for next summer.

Do you love summer, or are you happy with the changes that autumn brings?

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