Have you felt that you have too many things to do, and that you will never complete them?

I have blogged before about writing lists.  I have been working from what seems like an astronomically long list this month.  In fact, there are sub-lists from the master.  I have had to have a few shorter lists on my desk so that I could cross things off as otherwise I wouldn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.

Not meaning to sound overly-dramatic, but there have been times I have felt like I am sinking, with no life-raft in view.  I like to plan my work so that things are not left until the last minute, but I was given an unexpected early deadline for a few pieces of work, and this totally threw me.  How could I possibly get it all done in time?

Will I ever be finished?

Well, I have managed to get the bulk of my work done.  My ultimate deadline is the end of this week.  I don’t want to be sneaking off to my study once the children have broken up from school, or to be sending my husband out for drinks with his friends just so that I can finish whatGroup of walkers walking in a long line across snow.  The view from the top should have been done during term-time.

Someone remarked to me that this is like climbing a high mountain.  When you look up at it from the bottom, it is difficult to imagine getting to the top.  Once you have started your journey, you can get tired and feel worse.

However, from this height, if you look around you might see something beautiful below.  It may be that you have risen above the clouds, or that there is a valley spreading out in front of you.  The world might look completely different from up here.

Appreciating the view

I think I have forgotten to stop and admire the view.  I have been so focussed onMan sitting on the top of a cliff, looking at the clouds and cliff in front of him.  The view from the top getting everything done by the end of term that I haven’t spent time appreciating the tasks that have been completed.  I am so nearly there now – I can give myself a few moments of rest to acknowledge that I have worked through the difficult bits and that the reward will be the knowledge that I have done my best.

Does that mean it is all downhill from the end of the week?  Not quite.  Next week is where the fun starts, and I may get to enjoy the fruits of my labour with others on a conference.  I need to remind myself that stopping to appreciate what is happening around me can be a good thing.  I don’t have to push on at full speed all of the time.

Enjoy the summer

And this is where I love you and leave you.  Unless something happens that I can’t bear to keep quiet about, Secrets of Heaven is going to have a break.  It will be back in the autumn – watch this space.

What can you do to make sure you enjoy the view?


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