Do you know someone who always seems to be angry with you? How do you deal with it?

I’ve blogged about my rocky relationship with this person before. She’s the one who never apologises for anything. She can be so nice to my face, yet cutting by email and downright derogatory behind my back. I’m afraid I’ve got to the stage where I expect nothing less than unpleasantness.

Still angry?

We’ve recently had an email exchange. Something she suggested has had to be changed, and I made a Woman sitting on a bed with her arms folded. Are you angry with me? Again?plan for how it could be done differently. I apologised that this change had to be made. I forgot to put shield up when I read her reply. It was unnecessarily terse.

On this occasion I was, actually, at fault. If you know me personally, or have got to know me through my blogs, you may realise that I am someone who loves harmony. I’d rather apologise for something that wasn’t my fault to mend a rift than win an argument. And if friends have fallen out, I’ll try to help them resolve things. I hate anger and tension

My fault this time

If I’m honest, on this occasion my course of actions could possibly have been better. The need for the Hand over a busy diary. Are you angry with me? Again?change was as a result of ineptitude on my part. You know, I can’t get it right all the time! And with some people it feels like I can’t get it right any of the time.

When I rang this evening she was her poisonous self. If she had given even just a little, I’d have apologised again. But she didn’t. As usual, I’m the bad guy. I was annoyingly cheerful in our conversation. I dread to think how many people she has reported this to by now.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I do feel a bit guilty. Actually, I feel guilty about not geelung guilty. I’d like to think I’ve brushed it aside and moved on. But if I’m writing this post, it must be preying on my mind.

Feeling guilty

I just don’t feel like I need to try to make amends any more. It’s like when you have a teacher who shouts all the time – the children stop listening. I’ve been trying really hard not to shout at my two. It’s not always an easy thing, particularly when the pre-teen. drama queen wants nothing more than a reaction out of me. Anyway, I was doing so well the other week, but something snapped. There was a small Man pressing his temples. Are you angry with me? Again? misdemeanor but my son was blasted with both barrels. Not my finest moment.

It did make me realise that if we are unpleasant, or shouty, or too nice, all the time, people don’t listen. They may not realise when we really mean what we say. My son’s teacher told him that “shouting in a whisper” doesn’t make sense. If she had been standing on the drive refusing to get on her bike at 8.22 am, she would have experienced the sinister whisper that I save for very serious occasions. Sometimes I find being quietly angry is most effective.

So, I may feel a little guilty for my part in this situation. Because of the way I’ve been treated in the past, I’m not going to bend over backwards to make amends. I just don’t care enough any more. In fact, it’s quite nice for her to be justifiably angry with me for a change!

Has anyone made you feel like it’s not worth you bothering any more?

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  1. I think we can all say we know someone like this, that you just wonder what the point is anymore. But often enough it is something we end up forgetting, forgiving and moving on from. I guess we really do need to watch what we let in, and manage how we deal with it.

  2. Thankfully I don’t have people who make me feel this way, if I did they’re not in my life anymore as it’s not worth the hassle x

  3. She sounds like a horrible person and if I were you I would stop dealing with her totally if that was possible. People like that can make you anxious and worried for no reason at all.

  4. I am a big believer in cutting out toxic people – I do not have the time or emotional energy to deal with people like this. I hope things get easier in the future for you, even if that means not bothering anymore.

  5. I have learned that you just cannot get on or be liked with everyone. I will apologise if I am in the wrong but will now walk away rather than have a confrontation

  6. I know someone like this and unfortunately, it’s not always possible to cut them out, which is what most people suggest. I’m sorry that you got it in the neck again.

  7. Personally, I couldn’t deal with something like this. I imagine you’re in a tough situation, and compromise on both ends are the only solution really. Arguing makes me so anxious, I never feel the need to shout or get angry, I’m totally lucky that I have wonderful people in my life. I have fallen out with friends in the past, if a person can’t apologise for how they made you feel, it’s impossible to get past it really.

  8. It took me a long time to realise such people I had to cut out of my life for good as its not good for your mental health.

  9. I had a friend who was at fault a few years back when we had a falling out. I was the only one left in our group that was still talking to her at that stage. I have to say that was the end of the relationship. She was excessively hard work and I’m afraid to say it was so one sided it really wasn’t worth the effort.

  10. Thanks for posting this as theres someone i know who I feel is like this with me at the moment. I didn’t know how to deal with it so I’m going to use some of your tips here

  11. I did know someone I guess I tried to stick with them and wanted to help them but realised it wasn’t good for my well being as it made me feel down every time I was around them – I had to walk away.

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