Do you have Yorkshire puddings with your Christmas dinner? Or isn’t this part of your family tradition?

Yorkshire puddings have always been a favourite with a roast dinner in my family. It didn’t matter what Table set for Christmas dinner.  Yorkshire puddings for Christmas dinner: yes or no?the meat was – it was a perfect accompaniment. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it wasn’t a proper roast dinner without them.

My first Christmas actually in Yorkshire was a revelation. It was also my first Christmas with the in-laws. “Yorkshires? With turkey?” I was mocked and ridiculed for the suggestion. Even when the children were little and the only bit if Christmas dinner they enjoyed was also my favourite part, we were banned from having them – even though I’d brought my own trays and ingredients. It just wasn’t done.  I’ve been told that there was a TV advert saying something similar, so apparently this is not peculiar to my in-laws!

Yorkshire puddings were our tradition

Now, this year we will be spending time with my family. I’m not 100% sure what the situation was like for my step-mum when her family were growing up, but she’s always been keen to make it special for us and to follow our traditions. Yorkshire puddings it is.

In less than a week’s time we will have had the opportunity to make our feelings clear on who we would like to govern our country. It’s something weighing heavily on my mind. I know that friends of mine are not sure who to vote for. They know who they don’t want in power, but are not sure how to make it happen. It is extremely important to them that the government that is elected treats its citizens fairly and compassionately.

Keeping lines of communication open

I’ve had some really interesting conversations about politics over the last couple of months. I’ve also been witness to someone trying to brainwash those who may not agree with him. My only comment Arms of two women having a discussion over a table.  Yorkshire puddings with Christmas dinner: yes or no?was, “I think you and I read very different newspapers.”

And it’s been interesting to hear the opinions of others. Just because we may not agree on what we think is the best course of action does not mean we can’t talk about it amicably.

What has this got to do with Yorkshire puddings, I hear you say. Well, we can mock those who think differently from us. We can ridicule people who think the party they support will make life better for all of us.

Decide what is most important to you

Or we can talk companiably, giving our point of view calmly and respectfully. We can speak up for Hand putting a piece of paper into a ballot box.  Yorkshire puddings for Christmas dinner: yes or no?those who have no voice. We can agree to disagree. This will help us build relationships far more than hammering our point of view home.

If you are still undecided, think about what is most important to you. Is it the NHS? Is it keeping others out of our county? Have a look at the statements given by the major parties to see which next fits your views.

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  1. Yes we do have Yorkshires and yes it’s very important to vote. You need to read unbiased facts about what the parties are offering and then make your own decision.

  2. Well this post did not go in the direction I was expecting! Haha, firstly, definitely have yorkies at Christmas. It’s got to be done. Secondly, that’s very true. I wonder why we all get so angry during times like this, we should just be able to have normal conversations. But I suppose people are so passionate and maybe benefit cuts, the NHS, etc etc have directly affected their lives for the better/worse and Yorkshire puddings haven’t really made that much of a dent.

  3. We always have Yorkshires with Christmas dinner! I love the way you tied the story of Yorkshires in with politics – a great analogy. It is important to talk amicably about these things. One of my closest friends has vastly different political ideals to me – in fact she actually works for the political party she staunchly supports and I am staunchly against – but we don’t let it affect our friendship and can discuss it in a grown up manner why we disagree with each other.

  4. We’ve always had yorkshire puddings with our Christmas dinner as it’s just a fancy roast dinner and you have them with a Sunday roast x

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