If you speak to any parent if young children, they will have a sleep story. Some of them will tell you how hard it is to get their children to go to sleep; others will fill you in on 5 am wakings.

We’ve had our fair share of both in this house, but we are lucky that, most of the time, our children will Sleep is for wimps: 5 things my kids donow go to bed and stay in their rooms until the appointed time. We’ve used gro clocks for years (my husband STILL claims not to know how to program them…) and, in the main, they work.

However – my 7-year-old still has a few tricks up his sleeve. He will do his best to wake up his sister without breaking any of the conditions. These are some of the things that have happened before 6.40 am on weekdays, and 7 am at weekends:

  1. Playing the recorder. I thought this would go without saying, but apparently not. I’m sure he is aware how frustrating it is when we have to nag him to practice during the day, yet he is happy to start the morning with a loud rendition of Hot Cross Buns…
  2. Repeatedly banging the wardrobe door. The excuse for this one is that he someSleep is for wimps: 5 things my kids dotimes falls into it. Hmmm.
  3. A friend’s child generally wakes earlier than ours. He has a whole list of what he can and cannot do, and he generally follows it. He was away with his mum at half term and they forgot to bring his clock. Mum loaned him her FitBit so that he would know the time in the morning. What she didn’t expect was that when she woke up, he said, “Mummy, you don’t mind if there are already some steps on it today, do you?” He had stayed in bed until the morning, yet 2500 steps had been recorded. Her son had lifted his arm up and down on the bed for a couple hours…
  4. My daughter once smeared Sudocrem all over her face before we got up. I think she was trying to imitate me and my Oil of Olay. It took some time to wipe out all off… Therefore, ask creams, lotions and potions are a no-go.
  5. Getting dressed is fine. Of course, ordinary clothes have limited amusement value. Last week my son spent the whole of Monday dressed as Where’s Wally, Tuesday as Captain America, and Thursday as a robot. His antics did entertain many people in this area of North Yorkshire and beyond, and our rule Sleep is for wimps: 5 things my kids doof not talking to strangers went straight out of the window when many people asked us, “Where’s Wally?”

So, no matter what strategies we try out with our children, they always seem to find a way of getting around them.  Now that they are a bit older I do appreciate being able to sleep until 7 am at weekends.  When a very cute Where’s Wally wakes me up, I can’t help but laugh.  I don’t think I am helping the situation!

What do your kids get up to first thing in the morning?

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