“Just one more” is a well-used expression in our house.  I’ve mentioned before that we are trying to keep screen-time to a sensible amount (believe it or not, once the screens are off, the children seem to know how to play!) but getting the screens turned off at the appointed time is a challenge.  “Just one more minute” is bandied about all over the place.

One more chocolate?

I have my own set of these thoughts.  Just one more chocolate – fatal.  It’s never just one more for me.  Just one more...Or just one more tiny slice of that cake.  Let’s tidy the edge up.  And a bit more.  Just one more check of my emails to make sure I haven’t missed anything important.  One more snooze of my alarm.

I had an epiphany of sorts last week – when areas of my life that have taken up lots of time eventually become easier, I take on something else.  “I’ve got time for that now!” I tell myself.  So, fairly quickly, life becomes unmanageable again.

It may only be an hour’s activity a month, but the preparation and emotional energy that goes into preparing it can take up far more time.  Will anyone come?  Will it be interesting?  Have I advertised it enough?  Have I fully prepared?

One more piece of work?

Or it can be an admin job.  I’ll do that – it’s much quicker than explaining it to someone else and getting them to take it on.  However, other things seem to creep in.  I will set a morning aside to get on with Just one more...this task, and there will be a crisis in another department.  Or someone else thinking I have time for the item they have asked me to work on.  Or the need to prioritise differently.  And suddenly, this small job is never going to be completed.

Due to the weather, some of my work activities have been cancelled.  This has been a blessing in disguise.  I hate cancelling things, but as the roads are not safe, it seemed the sensible decision.  When we were considering changing the venue to make one activity possible, one of the leaders told me to have a break.  Just let it go.  Why make life so much more complicated when you don’t need to?

Let it go!Just one more...

And she’s right.  I’ve managed to get more accomplished this morning than I have for the rest of the week, when normally I would be working somewhere else.  This week has driven me to distraction by lots of extras coming into my Inbox, which is something I can’t control.  I am now *nearly* out of panic-mode because I’m 80% finished on a deadline.

Now, the other “just one more” – the biscuit tin – is a different story…

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  1. Really good read, thank you! We baked this morning which meant we ate our ‘pastry quota’ for the morning! Just one more… I will eat less later etc etc. All excuses!!
    Also big lols on the ‘will just tidy that edge up’- haha!!

  2. Thanks, Emily! Hope you enjoyed your pastry quota… Yes, liking things to be neat and tidy comes in handy when I fancy just a little bit more cake!

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