Have you ever found your way totally blocked?  Does it ever feel like you are banging your head on a brick wall?

A number of trees in the woods next door to our house came down in the recent winds.  I am grateful Blonde child sitting on a falled tree in the woods.  What has blocked your way?that none of them landed on our house or in our garden.  The main path from our road was, however, completely blocked.

This reminded me of a journey I made a few years ago.  I was making my way to a few days of meetings with some of my colleagues.  I make the same journey a number of times a year, but this time I was driving late at night.  There had been very high winds when I was on the motorway.  At times I was nervous of lorries that could blow over next to me.

I was glad when I got off the main road.  I like driving down country lanes when I can.  I’m now pretty familiar with this route, and was surprised to find myself at the end of a cul de sac.  I couldn’t understand where I had gone wrong.  After retracing my steps, I tried again, and came to the same barrier.  This time I turned the SatNav on, and it still told me to go straight ahead.

Finding my way blockedWhy? on a roadside notice.  What has blocked your way?

It took three attempts for me to realise that a large tree had fallen across the road.  Once I became aware of this, it was obvious.  Yes, it was the road I was used to travelling.  No, I hadn’t taken a wrong turn.  My brain simply couldn’t compute that something was blocking my way.

This happens to me in various areas of my life.  I may be struggling with a piece of work, or with getting something done.  (Tidying my desk is one of those things…)  I will work and work at it until I realise that if take a different angle, things will turn out much better.

Changing my route

In the past I’ve been told I am politically naive.  Well, I would rather be this way than cheating my way through situations, but that’s another story!  It does make sense to think about the best way to U-turn sign.  What has blocked your way?approach particular people, rather than using the same words to all.  Some people need their egos to be massaged before they will agree to anything.  Others need to believe that it was their idea in the first place.  I have worked out that if I present a huge idea to my husband and later on come up with a much more moderate suggestion, the second one usually gets through.  I hope he isn’t reading this…

So, when we are blocked, perhaps we need to step back and take a look at the view.  What is it that is stopping us?  If we take a different approach, will we get through?  A wise colleague of mine talks about rowing against the tide.  We can keep struggling, or we can see where the current takes us, and work from there.

What approach do you like to take?

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  1. It is hard to sometimes come to terms with the route that you are taking isn’t quite the right way for you to go and you need to have a rethink.

    1. You are absolutely right, Sarah! We can be convinced that we are doing the right thing, and changing always
      isn’t easy

  2. I needed to read this, I am getting so frustrated that nothing is going my way at the moment, maybe I need to change my route

  3. I know a few people like those you described. You have to sow a seed for them to think something is their idea. Working out who this needs to be done with is a start.

  4. Feeling blocked, in my experience is just the most horrendous feeling. But giving myself a reboot and a shake always works for me to unblock whatever is in my way.

  5. Sometimes when we have choices, it’s quite hard to ensure we take the right decision especially if it’s a life changing decision.

  6. Maybe we are trying to reach the wrong destination? Or the destination may be desirable, but later on when we are better prepared. Sometimes to travel hopefully is better than to arrive.! God’s time is not the same as ours.
    And use the enforced waiting time usefully if you can; help others reach their goals. And find time to just be.

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