Were you one of the 10 million people who were devastated by the ending of Series 2 of Peter Kay’s Car Share?  I know that I was.

Have you ever car shared with anyone?  I was part of a couple of car shares when I was teaching a long way from home.  One of them didn’t work because the driver smoked, and, much as I enjoyed the company of the group that travelled together, I didn’t want to end up smelling like an ash tray before arriving at work.

Later on I shared for a term with someone who lived pretty close to me.  It saved us both a lot of petrol money, and meant that one of us could snooze for part of the way.  We had very different opinions on many things, though, and neither of us made the move to renew the arrangement at the beginning of the next school year.  We’d had enough of each other!

Could you stand it?

I wasn’t that fussed at the beginning of the first series of Car Share.  The two main characters, John and Kayleigh, shared lifts to work as they lived near each other.  The storyline followed their journeys.  Kayleigh annoyed me, and she seemed vacuous.  However, as the episodes continued, I warmed to her.  I think I found myself falling a little in love with John.  Research shows that we bond with characters we spend time with, and can start to identify with them.Who would you car share with?

I wonder if it was partly to do with the music. The era was from my secondary school and university days – each song brought back memories of the spring of my life.  They were so full of promise, yearning and anticipation.  Exploring life as a young adult was full of ups and downs, and it feels like Car Share was the soundtrack to that time.

Yearning for good times

If my husband still has his mind on work before it is time to go to bed, I stick on the safari park episode.  I don’t know how many times we’ve watched it – it is still one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  And I wasn’t a Peter Kay fan before this show.

I think we were all willing Kayleigh and John to get together.  That was the whole point, surely!  In the Who would you car share with?second series, John travelled and hour and a half out of his way each day to give Kayleigh a lift to work.  Why would he do this if he did not deeply care about her?

What is it about a happy ending?  I’m sure the BBC would tell us that once John and Kayleigh were in a relationship, ratings would drop.  It would no longer be a saleable asset, and people would lose interest.

I wonder if most of us need a little escapism in our lives.  I’m not suggesting that we are unsatisfied in our relationships, but it is widely recognised that once we get past the first few years of a relationship, things change.  Car Share may remind us of the beginning of our love for our partners, and the dance that we may have played with each other before we got together.


Most of us people struggle in some way every day.  Financial pressures, strain from work, the stress of Who would you car share with?bringing up children can all be a burden and drain us emotionally.  Escaping into the lives of others, even if it is only for half an hour a week, seems to help to release the tension.  The media is full of terrible news, of the way human beings treat each other.  Finding a way to escape from that for a brief period can help us to face the world again.

Who would you like to car share with?

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  1. I’ve never car shared before, but maybe I should give it a try! Train is soooo expensive.

  2. I think car sharing could be great fun. I used to hitch hike a lot when I was a teenager – some of the people I met were incredible!

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