If you lose the duvet in the night, you are not alone. Many couples war over this issue. Are you the one who wakes up cold, or do you hold the duvet close to you all night?

Now, I have been accused of being the duvet hogger many times. I have been married to my husband White duvet and pillow on a brown wooden bed.  Duvet hogging: are you the culprit?
for 13 1/2 years. As a child I remember having hot feet and needing to stick them out from under the covers. Over the years, I have lost that warmth in my extremities, and love to snuggle up with my hot water bottle under the duvet.

I’ve been in the spare room for a few nights in a row. I’ve had seasonal lurgy, and attempting to sleep without companions seemed to be the best choice. Note my surprise when I walked back into our bedroom this morning to find NONE of the duvet on my side. Half of it was on the floor. I rest my case.

Keeping warm

In our house, we struggle to agree on when the right time is to change the tog level of the duvet. We have one of these two-layer things, so we have different options for spring/autumn, summer and winter. I’m always tempted to keep the thicker layer in for longer than my husband thinks is necessary. We then niggle over who goes to the top of the airing cupboard to fetch the other layer in October.

I’ve been reading up on this. Research suggests that if you had a cuddly toy in bed as a child, you are more likely to hold on the duvet. You may also toss and turn, and sleep-talk to your childhood companion. However, by holding on to the duvet all night, you are also likely to deprive your partner of a good night’s sleep.

Holding on to the duvet

As this issue causes some problems in our house, I’ve been looking for a solution. One couple I know have separate single duvets. This is not a new idea, of course – it is common practice in many countries on the continent. I was chatting to another friend who had tried it. It sounded like a great idea in theory, but their experience showed it was a nightmare.

Over the course of the night, one of the duvets would go missing. She and her husband would wake up each morning, covered by only one duvet that was sideways on. While this might not be a problem for someone of my stature, I am not sure it would work for those who are more blessed in the height Woman with brown hair and green eyes hiding under a white duvet.  Duvet hogging: are you a culprit?department.

We kind-of fell into a solution in the end. It was so cold one night, but rather than fight to put in two layers of the duvet into one cover, I decided to put the spare single duvet on top of the king we share. It looked a bit naff, and I was convinced it would slip off in the night. In spite of this, we both had the best night’s sleep we had had in ages. Finally – a workable solution!

How have you resolved this issue?  Did you or your partner buy a cover clamp? Do you row about it each morning? Or have you talked it through and found another way to ensure you both get a good night’s sleep?  Let me know!

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  1. Haha I love this post. The title made me chuckle. I am proud to say I am not a duvet hogger. However, I usually just share my bed with my dog and he can’t complain!

  2. It is my husband that is the duvet hogger, it drives me insane!! (although I always have to have my feet out)

  3. This made me laugh a bit. Apparently asleep me is a hogger and my hubby needs to pull it off me which he says results in sleep complaining. (I don’t believe that lol!) However, hubby’s the same if hes asleep before me. he burritos himself until i can yank it back!

  4. I’m not a hooger and generally nor is my husband, although we do have a superking size duvet on our king bed, which helps with the issue! Mich x

  5. I hate this for exactly the same reasons as you; I get very cold in the night and used to spend the whole time pulling and tugging on the duvet.
    Recently I have been sleeping in the spare room due to a chronic pain issue and have been having the best nights sleep ever.
    I have also heard of people using weighted blankets and throws so they don’t move about too much!

  6. I’m always the one trying to get some of the duvet! No matter who’s in bed with me – the other half or the kids – they ALWAYS hog the duvet! Nightmare :p

    Louise x

  7. If it’s a solution then run with it! We used to fight over the duvet all the time. Then when I got pregnant, we decided to get a king sized bed. That worked well for us and now we rarely fight over the duvet.

  8. This article is so relatable. I am a person who keep the thicker duvet for longer but keep my feet out of duvet and my husband always makes fun of me . Two layers is always our option too.

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