Oh my goodness, not another blog post about the referendum, I hear you cry!  (Hopefully you haven’t all navigated away from this page or I will be writing just for my own benefit…)

Well, if you haven’t voted yet, you’ve got until 10 pm this evening.  Some of you may have Cat looking out of an open letter box.  Should I stay or should I go: have you voted yet?voted a couple of weeks ago when your postal vote dropped through your door.  Does this help you to feel you have done your bit?  Are you more relaxed about the whole thing because it is now out of your hands?

Or are you a little disappointed because you would have liked to have been able to change your mind at the last minute?  You could have lapped up all of the propaganda that falls through the letter box and spills into your news feed, eagerly anticipating the next rush of (mis)information?


I feel more confused than I ever have done before I have been asked to vote.  I feel even less able to believe what the politicians tell me.  I wonder if it is because it is not party-specific issue?  I sometimes feel I know who which parties I really don’t trust to act in my best interest, but in this case I am really not sure.  It feels that everyone who has an opinion skews the information they provide to ensure I panic about leaving, and the next minute worry over staying in the European Union.

Here’s some comical (for me, at least!) moments from the campaign leaflets that have come Man's face squashed by cling film, wearing a spotty party hat.  Should I stay or should I go: have you voted yet?through the door.  And why did my husband get two identical leaflets on different days addressed to him, and I didn’t get one at all?  Is his vote worth so much more than mine?

“Our laws should be made by people we can elect and kick out – that’s more democratic.”  Really?  I heard it on the grapevine that many people have been trying to kick out the current government for quite some time and it hasn’t worked!  And is this government going to bring in proportional representation, so that we really do feel that our vote matters?

“If you are confused about claims made by both sides TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS…”, giving many reasons to share their point of view.

It feels to me that this campaign is full of misinformation, with statistics being manipulated to get the answers they want.  In some cases, emotional blackmail has been used.  I feel that I cannot trust anything that I have read because no-one actually knows what would happen if we do leave the EU, and the campaigners put their own spin on what they want us to believe to be right.

Your vote = your right

I’m not going to suggest which way I think you should vote.  Like the campaign I mentioned above, I think you should trust your instincts.  Most importantly, I urge you to have your democratic right and use your vote.  After all, this is the one time when every vote really does count.

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