I first heard the expression “you have to bloom where you are planted” on one of my favourite programmes, Call the Midwife.  It stuck with me, as you can see, and it comes back to me often.

As I understand it, the phrase is suggesting that we have to make the most of the situation we are in.  We may not have chosen this path, but we are living with it, and we might as well try to enjoy it.

Making the most of it

There are lots of situations where this applies.  We don’t get the job of our dreams.  Instead of sulking about it, we can make the most of the job we have and put our best into it.  We have lost out on the Pink flower ready to open. Do you bloom where you are planted?house we have been keeping our eyes on for years.  We find that the area we move into has lots of people our age and a good network of community support.

We moved house just over 3 years ago.  As you may have read before, we are not “natural” gardeners.  We did bring a couple of plants with us – a small apple tree and a magnolia bush.  We had been given them as gifts so we wanted to keep them.

The trouble is that they did not bloom where they were planted.  On moving day there was not a lot of time to choose the perfect spot for our shrubs, so they both went in the front garden.  We haven’t seen a single flower on the magnolia, and the apple tree has only produced two apples in the past two years.

Bloom where you are planted?

My husband decided to move the apple tree to the back garden last year.  In his wisdom, he put it in a space between a large bush and the fence.  I was a little dubious as to the placing of said tree.  I have been proved me wrong.

We have a large crop of apples this year.  The unlikely spot in partial daRed apples growing on a tree. Do you bloom where you are planted?rkness seems to have been perfect.  Note: we have not tasted these apples.  There may be a problem yet.

This got me thinking.  By our estimations, we had initially planted the tree in a good spot.  Plenty of sunshine, but also a degree of shade.  In this green and pleasant land it definitely got enough rain.  It just did not bloom where it was planted.

When do we face up to this in our own lives?  When do we admit that an area of our life needs change?  I am one of those people who does not like to admit defeat.  I will work and work at a difficulty until it is resolved.  Unfortunately, if the difficulty is with another person and they do not want to work, it is not all up to my determination.

Admitting defeat?

It reminds me of a work situation I once had.  It took me a long time to realise that it was never going to get any better.  Had I been less determined/stubborn I might have saved myself a lot of stress and Person in shorts watering a garden. Do you bloom where you are planted?mental agony.  I still dream about it, 12 years on.

How do we decide if the soil is not right for us?  Give up too soon and we might have missed a great opportunity.  Stay too long and we may become damaged.  I don’t have an answer, I’m afraid.  If you are religious, pray.  Ask the Lord for help in this situation.  But be careful – the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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  1. I believe everything happens for a reason, also when things don’t always go the way I wanted them to go. These things happen because maybe we need to learn something or maybe because this is just a beginning of something better for us. Whatever happens, I believe that there should always be something positive out of it. You just need to seek those positives. Lovely article.

  2. I definietly agree that the grass is not always greener on the other side, I like the prase bloom where you are planted nad I’ve not heard it befiore, I’m sat here musing it now. Mich x

    1. I think I am blooming where I have been planted to some degree at the moment. I feel I have been led in a certain direction and am doing my best to fulfill responsibilities in this area.

  3. This was definitely a thought provoking read. Sometimes we may think something is correctly placed, only to find it isn’t later on down the line – I know I’ve had that happen to me i my life. I think we certainly learn lifes lessons this way

  4. With reference to the apple tree, the new place would have been better for it In terms of sunshine or water because of which it might have grown properly after being moved.

  5. we’ve had similar problems with our planting – even after reading tips and tricks online a lot of it seems to be trial and error!

    1. This has definitely happened with our pots! Put them out the front – everything dies. Out the back, they flourish. It’s lovely having colour out the back but it does look dull at the front!

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