I’ve been pondering something of late. I look around me and see so many beautiful women covered in layers of makeup. Sometimes is it hard to work out how they look Lots of makeup on a white table.  I won't wear makeup on Thursdayunderneath it.

I’ve never really been a big makeup wearer. The only time I’ve worn foundation was on my wedding day. My sister-in-law had to tell me what to buy as I didn’t have a clue. And yes, when I see the photos, I did look lovely. But I’m not sure that is really who I am.

Don’t wanna wake up and feel insecure

A friend of mine once said she didn’t feel professional without her makeup on. Fair enough. One of the reasons I don’t wear it is that I seem to be allergic to many varieties, and I’d need to clean the insides of my eye lids twice a day not to succumb to infection. Life’s too short.Peacock with feathers on display. I won't wear makeup on Thursday

What I’ve been thinking about is the natural world. Our British Birds poster only shows us the males. And why is that? The females do not have as exciting colouring. Let’s think of a peacock and peahen. The cock has the most glorious blue and green feathers to attract a mate. And the hen? Well, we don’t often see many photos of the brown-coloured birds.

So, why is it, in the Western world, that women feel obliged to get made up like a dog’s dinner? I appreciate that men also moisturise and sometimes spend as much time styling their hair as women, but their faces are not changed out of all recognition. Why do we do it, girls? Most women I ask say it is about the way other women perceive them, rather than looking nice for the boys.

I was always taught to just be myself

I think there is more to it that we are letting on. We may not be aware of it, but if we look good on Woman with lots of makeup having it touched up. I won't wear makeup on Thursdaythe outside, we feel better on the inside. Our self-esteem is boosted if we portray that perfect appearance.

There’s another way of looking at it. When we are happy with what is on the inside, it radiates out. I’m sure we can all think of someone who may not be physically perfect yet has a beauty about them. It could be a serenity or a way of holding themselves that lets us view through the window into their soul.

I just wanna feel beautiful

We don’t need to change our appearance to be beautiful. What we are is enough. Yes, we all have areas within us that could do with a polish, or even a full-on spring clean. Those are the things that we need to spend time on. Am I abrupt with people? Do I ever truly listen? Am I controlling over the people around me so that I get my own way? Do I secretly enjoy it when the “friend” who likes to be better than me finds something difficult? If we look deep inside, we can all find something that needs work.

So, rather than worrying about our outsides, concentrate on what is going on under the surface. Admit to yourself that a part of you needs to change. Remind yourself each time you find yourself back in your old ways. If you are religious, ask the Lord for help in your prayers. And this will truly make you beautiful, both to yourself and to those around you.

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  1. This is interesting. I like make-up and sometimes wear it. I notice when people are wearing it so recognise the “women wear make-up for women-notion”. I also have the experience – from the men in my family – that men don’t see it. A friend mine once had a deliberate make-up break when she went to study 6 months abroad. She did this because she felt she was to dependant on it, and that it was controlling her; dictating how she had to look depending where she went. So she threw it all out. When she came back home, she occasionally wanted to wear make-up again, but felt she shouldn’t following her ‘make-up detox’. So she began setting up complicated rules about when she could and couldn’t wear it, realising that now ‘not wearing make-up’ was controlling her as much as wearing it used to do. Her story illustrates the balance I hope to have. As along as I am controlling the make-up and the make-up is not controlling me, I enjoy wearing it.
    This blog post also reminded me about an article my husband mentioned to me https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/5c237a34-7a47-4deb-a5b4-a23e77cc88f7 about the Instagram face. The writer’s comments about how she very quickly became addicted to the positive comments about her “airbrushed” look are thought provoking. Maybe we need to be complementing each other more for something other than appearances. This requires investing more time in another person than a quick remark about appearances does. Or maybe we need to become more mindful of the difference between praise and encouragement. Praise can be empty, but encouragement requires you to take the time to really see someone, see what a person is doing, working at, or even struggling with. And I don’t think all the make-up in the would beats the feeling you get, when you feel seen and known.

  2. My Dad has always felt women in general don’t need makeup, he sees some women with it on and has told me he thinks they’re covering their real beauty. I don’t mind it but only wear it if I’m going to an event or meeting or have a presentation.

  3. A very interesting read. I rarely wear makeup now – I used to when I worked in a pub as it is sort of expected but since becoming a mum, I have far more important things to do with my time than sit putting makeup on.

  4. I never wear make-up. In fact I can’t remember the last time that I did. Whilst I do like how it looks when I do I’m happy in my own skin without and can’t be bothered taking the time to do it plus it saves me money not having to buy make-up.

  5. I really like this post. I don’t wear makeup, if I go out on special occasions I may put some mascara and a brush of bronzer on but that’s it.

  6. I don’t wear make up very often but that’s usually because I just don’t have the time. It was odd the first few times but I got really used to it quite quickly. I sometimes wear it now but only minimal amounts.

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